True Christians never pilfered Christmas, they completely...

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    True Christians never pilfered Christmas, they completely rejected it.
    No where in the Bible does Jesus command that we celebrate his birthday. In fact nobody knows the exact day of his birth. He did tell his followers to commemorate his death as this selfless act redeemed the human race from sin and death.

    I would rather listen to and obey the 2nd highest authority in the universe when he clearly states that
    man was created in Gods image. He was there when it happened as the Master Worker, working along side his Heavenly Father.

    Human philosophy and reasoning cannot be trusted. The Devil has used the theory of evolution
    to distract from Jehovah’s dynamic energy and creative works, even convincing some people that
    God does not exist or care about the plight of humanity.

    Evolution maintains that we are alone and without help from a Superior Being.
    Trust and belief in God and his Son lay the foundation for a wonderful future where mankind can live
    forever in a paradise earth in perfect health.

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