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relenza what is the answer

  1. dma
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    There are some unexplained movements with Biota,s Patents, change of name, some new Relenza articles on PubMed (with the abstract unavailable) the official Scientific site of the USA and now Biota,s (on market puy back) together with Biota acquiring more factory space in Melbourne.

    I suspect Biota in their negotiations with GSK (litigation) is leaving GSK with the rights to Relenza (hense supplies are picking up in 2008) the inhaled version and taking on the IV Version of the Relenza patent and that is why GSK in an article I posted recently can not supply Intravenous Zanamivir to the South East Asian trials and made a comment they had to contact their partner to see if they would re introduce the Zanamivir trials and why South East Asian trials are trying to obtain the IV Zanamivir elsewhere for their purposes.

    A lot of the arranged (Inhaled version of Relenza-double dose) and interactions with other drugs like Oseltamivir and Peramivir have been REMOVED from the trial protocol and the Oseltamivir and Peramivir have been reassigned.

    I think Biota are getting back the Intravenous part of Zanamivir Patent hense the name change.........not to produce it.......... but it is going to be replaced with IV FLUNET/LANI and launched in August 2008.............all the clues from Hovione Sankyo/Biota deal point to the Application for the Patent being filed now and launched in August, 2008 with an IV drug.

    I first thought there was a settlement...........but GSK are not moving are they???? Not settling till possibly in August, which Biota seems very sure of??? I don,t think it will go to trial.???

    I think GSK are going settle for a pittance but miss out on the big bucks with Lani? (Of course these are my ideas on my please do your own research) These findings are an accumalation of finding articles and trying to put all the pieces together.

    Cheers dma
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