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    People need to relax a little. A lot of posts overnight complaining about the board and how they have screwed shareholders. Again I will say it..the announcement said a board meeting would be mid December! Then some fictional story came out that it would be the 14th and people were building this date up. Now it seems that because it has passed everyone is slashing Jurgens tires again.

    Couple of things to remember:

    1. Jurgen is not part of some big conspiracy theory to screw over shareholders.

    2. It is currently the 15th of December, meaning the board meeting could be today or even the 19th.

    3. We hold the asset and the company that is making the offer outbid roughly 15 companies or so I think it was. They wouldn't do this just so they don't complete the deal..

    4. We have Atremis and the funds to drill as a backup plan..worst case scenario

    5. As frustrating as it is be patient (and don't get me wrong I am frustrated and want this deal done), however the board will be working in the best interests of the shareholders to get this deal done. The paperwork is probably already drawn up and ready to be signed off, then we will see our announcement, which may even come the 23rd. Just because the board meeting approves it on the 20th for example, does not mean that we will get an announcement that day!
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