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relax: pierpont is needless stirring

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    Marathon (MTN )

    Marathon (MTN)

    Buying Opoortunity created by silly,misinformed and misplaced needless ....IMO.....fears...

    Article is , in my view... Sykesy AKA Pierpont -- being "fed" a line from a discontented whoever, or is a "political strategic nasty move" from a rival U co, or is simply a smart "trader" wanting to get in at a lower price...., through being a smarty and trying to frighten folks unnecessarilly .....

    I would, be not suprised and may even anticipate a Formal Response from Marathon (MTN) due to the length and alleged "gravitas" of the detail in the AFR article...

    And that now/soon (MTN) would and maybe NEED be now formally and publicly..... be done in next 24 hours to refute aforesaid Pierpont AFR silly stirrer claims; via the ASX Announcements...

    Which will then serve the good effect (IMO) of making the true value of MTN become apparent, and therefore, IMO ....even stronger in the mind of smarter Investors; and build a foundation of new even stronger level of Investor Support through creating the opportunity for MTN to communicate clearly; a nice new understanding of what the Value in MTN is really all about.

    Kindest Regards,

    .....>>>> and ..... Not in slightest stressed or worried .... AT ALL - and not selling a single MTN share...

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