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    interesting about the Reliance dyke being considered so highly by PJ. so many dykes seem to have been abandonned after the 1860's - 1920's without further investigation.

    in one 1860's newspaper article it even remarks that the Homeward Bound reef, Gaffney's creek needed capital via ammalgamation with another co. and, as Robertkna has pointed out, needed powerful machinery in order to exploit its potential.

    (16 august, 1869) .... the miners on the Homeward Bound reef are not doing very well. Amalgamation and powerful machine would turn these claims into a splendid property.

    and even the remarkably rich MS mine in 1876 was considered exhausted of gold :

    (27 january, 1876) .... So little is doing now on the famous Morning Star Hill, that at the close of October only six men were at work prospecting, and nothing was being done in the way of raising stone...... Thus one of the most famous gold discoveries in Victoria thought at the time to be of much significance, has ended in a great diaappolntment of the hopes entertained.

    of course 70 years after this 1870's newspaper article both Burns reef & Whitelaws reef were yielding 40g/t Au - 150 metres u/g.

    now it is another 70 years on from the 1940's and MCO have the capital in the bag ($12m. options underwritten) to really test the regional dykes.
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