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    Happy new year to true believers.

    I've been pondering over words from Peter Jackson at the investors brief. Essentially he said that he believes that one or more dykes or old mine sites will end up being more significant in gold production than the Morning Star dyke bulge. Intersestingly enough Greg Curnow was there next to him and he didn't look down or bat an eye lid so he is a believer in Peter's announcement as well. I was quite surprised at the optimism from these guys who are usually quite conservative.

    Peter named 3 dykes or old mine sites in particular. The Waverley dyke, Wallaby, and Reliance. He didn't discount All Nations, Loch Fyne, Hunts or Rose of Denmark either but I think he wanted to showcase 100% MCO ground and what recent exploration results have been pointing to.

    Since then I've been looking at the locations of all these dykes and old mines in the whole dyke swarm and I've noticed that I've overlooked something absolutely elementary. Ie Location and Infrastructure. I think that possibly 50% of all the dyke bulges in this swarm are probably as good as Morning Star bulge, A1 or the Cohens reef. I think its always been about acccess and getting enough infrastructure to these dykes to exploit the riches. For example had the Wallaby dyke bulge been located at the same location as A1, it would have produced as much gold, and probably more because its a bigger bulge. Its only that the Wallaby was located high up on a mountain side and probably accessed from frenchmans gap which back in the old days would have been a mightmare access and getting infrastructure almost futile. The same can be said for most of the Waverley dyke. Infact if the Waverly had been located at the Cohens reef, it probably would have been the most prodigious reef on the Eastern goldfield.

    If you look at the gold field in this way, it is not surprising and unjustified that Peter Jackson can claim that there are more Morning Stars out there on MCO territory. Peter Jackson probably knows this dyke swarm better than anyone else as well and has mentioned that MCO hold the best ground.

    To make all this all reality the access and the access for infrastructure must be there now. I reckon it is as well.

    Looking at the Waverley dyke first. It was discovered in the 1860's and I'd rate it as a nightmare material for the early miners. The best parts were at the southern end but that may have been because of its relative close location the Morning Star mine and the flegling start of the Woods point settlement. The best access to good reefs on the Waverly was from the Tingha adit but access and infra structure was still lousy. The closest real infrastructure for stores at the time was Jamieson and that was more than a days ride with pack horses. I had the opportunity to inspect the location of the Tingha adit during the investor brief. The adit is located about 100m above the morning star creek on a 30 degree slope. The guys mining there were in relative luxury compared to the remaining dyke. The group whom I accompanied was lectured by Peter Jackson at the top of the ridge, and without going into geological stuff, I think all who were there would agree that it would have been extremely harsh conditions for the old timers. Not just mining and taking the ore to the crushers and water but simply getting food and water to work up there. That said, its a fair bet that they left alot of good ore behind as well.

    I reckon the question is Can MCO tame the Waverley dyke. I reckon the time is right. Firstly its the same company who will have a plant sitting on the ROM pad only a couple of km away. Access to the dyke has been discussed before. They can enter into it by driving from the existing morning star mine. Thats going to be expensive but they can start at a deep level that way. The cheaper and probably a better method will be to enter into it from the new track to the Tingha adit. The dyke is exposed on the track about 200m before the adit and if MCO were to build a decline from there, it would get to a deep location as well with the added benefits of intercepting many of the horizontal gold rich reefs which seem to be a feature of the dyke.

    The Wallaby is still going to be a challenge but at least 10 times easier than what the old timers had to deal with. Access would be across the ridge tops from frenchmans gap and there are a couple of steeper sections there at present but with some new road works along the sides of some of the steeper sections they can get it to 2 wd status. Infrastructure as far as power. The closest point is probably dempsey minesite which is about 2 km away but through very inaccessable country inbetween. I reckon generators will be the go there at least at the beginning.

    The Reliance dyke bulge is something that is not mentioned hardly at all in historical records. PJ was dumbfounded by that fact. Not only that, but recent grab samples of reef material came up with very significant grades. The dyke bulge measures from memory about 35m across and if its similiar to others it would be about 100m long. It could well be similiar in size to A1. Its location is above the Rose of Denmark bulge and according to PJ, access is not that bad. So taming this beast may be quite easy, especially if MCO's JV with Ample rise come up significant results from either Hunts, Dempsey or Rose of Denmark which are close to it.

    Shit its New year. Got to go. Lets hope the new year brings these to fruition.

    Cheers Ari Yeh, thats my name.
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