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    Candice Owens has never called for violence
    I have not seen anyone on this forum call for violence. Perhaps due to moderators. I have seen calls for censorship. Can you explain how non-violence is more extreme than violence? I would prefer harsh words than a harsh fist.

    Can you provide the exact quote that the terrorist Brenton Tarrant said and what he found so extreme?

    Since you are taking the words of terrorists for truth now, do you believe the Koran calls for the death of non-Muslims? Many terrorists have claimed that. The Koran is used as the basis for Islamic terrorism so all Muslim terrorists have the view that it calls for horrible things.

    Why is one disgusting terrorists beliefs more reliable than another?
    This was a first act of terrorism carried out by a non-Muslim Australian. There have been many more Muslim terrorists.

    Be careful of your standards, less they be applied against you.
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