I am a conservative, that doesnt make me a racist or a prick,...

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    I am a conservative, that doesnt make me a racist or a prick, most of my friends are foreign. was married to an immigrant...

    personally i believe that human history shows that hating is a trait unfortunately, this guy hated muslims, if no muslims, it would be asians or blacks the list goes on. look at ireland years back, catholic against protestants because had no other colour to hate, many examples throughout history.

    many people do this hating, many dont, a very minute number will do something like what happened in nz, but there out there unfortunately.

    And if Candance Owens wasnt there, it be someone else, or if no one else around the voice in there head will tell them what they want to hear. So blaming candace or thinking thats the cause shows a lack of human history.

    There was no twitter in previous centuries, but the killing kept on occuring.

    A classic example is interpretation of the koran, some say its peaceful, others say its Allah word that we must fight to kill the infidels.

    So if thinking its a white male issue or an arab issue, its a human trait issue, blanketing every conservative as being on the side of this shooter imo shows alot of immaturity.

    Sad day for many where no one wins, sad day for all imo.

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