Refugee wins High Court challenge

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    Refugee wins High Court challenge against Immigration Minister

    A PAKISTANI refugee is “thrilled” that he will be allowed to stay in Australia after the High Court ruled he could not be denied a permanent protection visa just because he arrived by boat.

    “The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is looking into the implications of the decision, but they appear to be limited,” the spokesman said.
    “This decision doesn’t affect the government’s policy that illegal maritime arrivals will not be granted permanent protection visas.”
    Mr Varess agreed that the decision would have limited impact on other refugees, because of the reintroduction of temporary protection visas last year.

    The man’s application has been in limbo since 2013 after the government initially ruled it could not be determined because of a cap on the number of protection visas that could be granted in a financial year. But the High Court found this was invalid and ordered the Immigration Minister to consider the man’s application.

    Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young today slammed the “arrogance” of the Abbott Government and former immigration minister in trying to block the man’s application.

    “The Immigration Minister is not above the law, despite his consistent efforts to undermine the Parliament and the High Court.

    “This man is a refugee, he came to Australia asking for help and it’s only after being dragged through the courts that the government will recognise its duty and offer him protection.

    “The Minister should have recognised Australia’s international obligations and granted this man a protection visa when he was found to be a refugee.”
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