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reflecting on solagran's last announcement

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    In the wake of Solagran’s last announcement, all interest seemed to centre on its timing rather than its content, and the question of whether and when more news might be forthcoming. While I understand that there is indeed further news in the pipeline and that this may galvanise even more excitement from a shareholder’s perspective, I think it’s worthwhile reviewing what the announcement actually said the other day.

    Impressively, the company was talking about patented advances in the underlying EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGY.

    The new technology, it said, extends the range of extraction to include non-confers (Ginkgo Biloba and Cunninghamia Lancelota are examples cited) as well as to additional conifer species.

    As well, the new extraction technology does it smarter. The process is ‘softer’ on the biologically active natural substances that form Bioeffectives®, enabling them to be obtained at lower temperatures with less modification and greater purity – and (perhaps most importantly from a shareholder’s perspective) with significant cost savings!

    Because fewer process steps are used, extraction can be scaled up at a significantly lower unit production cost than the previous technology permitted.

    The net effect, as the company said, is that “… Solagran can now produce high value Bioeffectives® in commercial quantities at very high levels of purity (with) significantly lower production cost…”

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