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    EL , your quite right cue did reduce their interest in jeruk down to 8%, can you tell me if they ever got paid the $4.5 mill for it?.
    lol Re the war ,I thought that was your drift, in the first instance, but I'm not waging one, merely presenting a different point of view, with little or no Independence on the board, some one has to.
    Ive only started posting a month or so?,maybe had I posted earlier, this wouldn't be a shock to you.
    If they ever do anything that imo that warrants praise, I will give it, be warned though EL Im not in to false praise.
    Heres the thing EL, I'm not dark on them spending the money on Jeruk( well I am, but that's another issue, why did they choose not to(supporting data) and then with that one word interpreted change their mind).
    Oh no,decision made and all that stuff, however take that same amount of money when you own 100% of Caterina and drill.
    The man himself, Don Volte has said that WPL would be happy with a Tolling scenario, just to get gas going though the 4th train.
    If god gives you lemons , you make lemonade, not give the lemons away.
    Im not going to comment on today's threads,Im extremely tempted to but,it wouldn't be right,more than one cue decenter in one day Oh no.
    Frankly EL you should have an "at market order" if your that keen on acquiring mine or any others shares.

    All the best to you & yours.
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