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Let's see the revenue in the next quarterly (due early Jan)...

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    Let's see the revenue in the next quarterly (due early Jan) before continuing this frivolous "when we re-list" commentary. Don't see how there could possibly be any revenue as no new, revenue producing deals have been announced prior to 31st December quarterly cut would be impossible for Tv2 to include any potential Redstrike revenue in the December quarterly as the company would find themselves flouting the ASX continuous disclosure rules wouldn't they ? Valid point. Looking at it another way - what OTHER current Tv2 deals ARE actually producing revenue ? I suspect the revenue column for the December quarterly will likely read $0.

    Make no mistake, without solid financial backing, any form of current revenue or "genuine financial" deals - the ASX will continue to veto any re list on their boards due to prior history....Too little, too late in my opinion from the ASX - trying to protect any further damage to shareholders now. They should have been awake to it since the Toomai days - $1m from a phony Prince that never came....let alone all the guaranteed sub announcements that followed and did NOT eventuate whilst drawing CR's from retail and issuing CN shares. Draining of all company funds ETC. The problem with this - should the ASX continue to hold suspension, which I believe they will - Tv2 will be run dry of money! How do they survive into the next quarter?

    Maybe Nick can throw $1m back into the company via his conviction and self belief of future success - as a director loan - which will give the company financial liquidity plus the time to introduce Redstrike to the market procuring that revenue during the March quarter? If I were a holder - I would have such expectation from the Directors of the company, to satisfy the shareholder base for previous failures.

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