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    Good to see everything progressing, however getting a little confusing.
    Time to nut out post con valuations/market cap etc.

    New ratio: 832,000,000 divided by 25 leaves red gum shareholders with 33,280,000 shares @ 20c = $6,656,000
    IPO raise: 15,000,000 @ 20c = $3,000,000

    + in the roadshow announcement it states travel vendors to end up with 33,750,000 shares @ 20c = $6,750,00.
    * I assume this figure has changed - so how many shares do the travel vendors end up with and what is the breakdown ( who gets what ? )

    Also in the roadshow stated ebitda is $2.6 million on the back of turnover of $86 million.
    Now it's $2.2 million on total turnover expected to exceed $110 million ?

    In the roadshow it states that ATG are targeting efficiencies of $1.3 million.
    And now they say that they have already generated estimated annualized increased revenue efficiencies of $7 million. ?

    So I guess the first question to get answered is that of travel vendor shares, so we can come up with a post con market cap and then go from there.
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