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red faced german..

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    Nuclear plant may reopen...

    Matthew Day,


    July 16, 2011

    Bloomberg :

    GERMANY is facing power shortages and a winter blackout unless it restarts a mothballed nuclear plant, raising doubts over the government's plans to move the country away from atomic energy in the next decade.

    The German Federal Network Agency, the body responsible for power supply, warned the country could face power shortages in winter unless there was enough power-generating capacity in reserve.

    In the wake of Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster, Germany shut down seven ageing reactors and committed itself to phasing out all of its 17 reactors by 2022 in a move that would make it the first significant industrial power to turn its back on nuclear energy.

    Advertisement: Story continues below But agency head Matthias Kurth said one of the plants now closed may have to be brought back on line.

    ''The numbers that we currently have indicate that one of these nuclear energy plants will be needed,'' he said in Berlin while giving details on a government-commissioned report into energy supply. He added that it would only be a ''temporary solution''.

    The news will come as an embarrassment to the German government, as well as casting fresh doubts over the country's ability to replace the 23 per cent of energy production currently accounted for by atomic power with renewable energy and greater efficiency.

    Critics of the move have argued that going nuclear-free will increase German dependency on fossil fuels, enlarge its carbon footprint and derail national targets to cut carbon emissions.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/world/nuclear-plant-may-reopen-20110715-1hhym.html#ixzz1SEXBDeQw
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