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    Does anyone have an idea of the outcome of all the job ads that that TZ has supposedly placed over the past 6 months or so ???
    Were any of them filled ???
    Or was it all a load of ballony, putting it politely.

    Certainly heaps of questions remain unanswered.
    The lack of information has been nothing short of deafening, and that in itself has now become perhaps more than just suspicious.

    Even with the global chaos, surely the company has retained some substance . . . . that is if it ever had any !!!
    Must be a lot of doubters accumulating, and must admit I'm very close to joining the queue.
    I just can't imagine that the AGM is going to be the 'cure all' . . . . . but I can almost imagine it will be the 'end all'

    Many an expectation dashed I reckon . . . . . .

    I initially bought in at 2.40 about the middle of 2007. I dumped the lot at 6.30 on the spike in Sept. same year. Nice trade that.

    Now have a mid sized bundle after accumulating for about 14 months, and hold at an average of just above $3.19 . . . . . and would also seriously consider putting it to bed at 5 bucks . . . . .
    Actually, would probably be delighted to break even . . . . . . . and that's wishful thinking nowadays !!!!

    Ah !!! the joys of trading.

    This is the first stock with which I have ignored my 'trading business plan' for years, and am not too hopeful that the result will be any different to previous mistakes.
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