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    I've started this thread because this Poster DavidW has made what I think is a very astute observation in Post #: 49195337
    It's a little bit early to say for sure but I do think there's possibly something brewing. It looks to me like someone might be trying to accumulate a large position. I emphasise that I don't know; this is just speculation by me as of today's data.

    I'm looking at the volume and buying patterns - esp. over the last couple of days. Readers can see for themselves - I won't copy the data into here.

    I'm posting this now because zakzoe's post a few days ago about a possible run before Christmas reminded me of the old trick of aggressors taking corporate action - e.g. takeover bid or similar - just before Christmas so as to put target companies at a disadvantage over the Christmas-New Year period, especially as certain time periods are running and corporate advisers could be on holidays etc.

    Helix is very vulnerable to that sort of action now because IMO:
    • it's MC of ~$7M is a joke - way below the value of its assets (see following...);
    • With assay results due from some early drilling (not much unfortunately) in our quality gold acreage, there is way more upside than downside;
    • With some Collerina drilling underway (not much - but better than none) and vastly increased scale potential possible as I referred to in this recent Post #: 49193915 this could cause a big increase in our share price - especially with copper on a tear as Marc111 has been helpfully pointing out;
    • Bijoux EM results and interpretation due very soon I expect, we may have some very exciting drilling targets there. Remember, if that prospect does mature into something and does start to look a bit like the poly metallic nearby Federation discovery - as has been raised - then there will be a major uptick in Helix's share price. I note that in the Aurelia Metals AGM Presentation of 19 November (see p.10) Federation is described as "one of the most significant discoveries in Cobar Basin in decades"
    • There's huge upside potential in Helix's vast acreage position in the increasingly sought after Cobar region, most of which has never even seen a drill bit despite significant exploration potential.
    Interesting times.
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