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rebel loan fund update company response

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    Hey guys.

    spoke to Maria investor central and they have received my email and passed this on to John Anderson. Hopefully he will give me call.

    Looks like the charge deal is still standing however they did confirm we can issue more shares subject to shareholder approval. limit is 15% per year of issued capital. can go up to a maximim 60% with shareholder approval.

    Spoke to ABN Morgans Hobart about help and they have offered what any support they can provide.

    the responses are good. received phone call courier mail and sunday daily looking to do a newspapaer article.

    also thanks to the phone call from one top 20 holder keen to see something happen and others.thanks for emails too.


    keep the emails coming
    If this deals fall through with charge. we'll have a crack. If not depending on my discussions with John we may have other options still.

    We all want true value for Rincon.

    again for those not sure of our the REBEL FUND deal.

    1.In basic terms clear the loans.
    2.get the rincon out of ADY so there is no third party loan risk.

    3.and even if we have to sit on it just breaking even with the pilot plant. until till we IPO.

    keep you advised as we progress.

    Keep it going team.

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