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    Postmodernism is a cancer no doubt about it...driven by hard psychotic personality disorders and psychology's and only the end in delusion matters..collateral damage is ok so long as power is retained...CSIRO I very much doubt is immune from these ideological drivers (how could they be) and is probably no better or worse in those arenas than anywhere else 1st world today environmental with outcomes predetermined to fit an ideology first....just look at the junk science on the reef most people spurt as real.

    We need an RC into scientific fraud committed with public funds.....SSM ideology is no different than any ideology and/or belief systems history long all are driven in expressed genetics by beautiful mice no matter when in history one looks only grand in scale death, destruction and despondency rights society's back to health if there is anything left... after those driving progressive ideology's have reached the natural end of their teneted lifetime....frontal lobes have not changed in thousands of years.
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