Reasonable debate is finished in this country

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    Debate, discussion, meeting of minds --- call it what you like but we have become a sort of PC dictatorship

    It is hard to say which came first -- PC, IE censorship or entrenched political views

    We have seen to happen is so many things that should have been discussed properly but decisions appear to be made just on the headlines

    I am staggered by how many people buy a car or a house on trivial items, (drink holders) rather than in-depth research

    We now have the CSIRO stating they do not agree with the government regarding the Adani mine, is it due to a concern about the total project or that they see themselves as being "green" and Labor supporters

    The SSM never discussed the full ramifications of the proposed legislation, and the only discussion was if Gays had a right to use the word marriage

    It has got very much to the stage of accepting that everyone lies and the majority of the public are "mushrooms" -- "kept in the dark and covered with shit"

    The moment that you make a comment that you are against a proposal you are dumped on from a great height with ---- vilification, incivility, impudence, insolence, blasphemy, mockery and derision

    Many times they are true comments, so there is no defense against your points

    IMHO the Adani mine should go ahead, but it is not an open and closed discussion, QLD needs the jobs, the country needs the money, if it can be sold why not sell it.
    On the other hand we should be similarly mindful of the downsides and of the livelihood of the people who live in that area
    Also the pollution and water issues

    Unfortunately it has turned into a purely political fight where the public have no say or input.

    The benefits to the people are lost in the censorship that the process is engaged in

    Regardless of what side of the fence you sit Australia is a predominately mining country where we sell our assets to give us the lifestyle we enjoy

    The rate we are going we will be like Sth Africa soon, those that are left will be living in the trees with AK47s at their side
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