Reason of the failed Spill!!

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    I was going to refer to the action in Canberra yesterday as a "coup"
    but"coup" means...
    "a highly successful, unexpected stroke, act, or move; a clever action or accomplishment."
    But it was none of the above!!

    In the Australian today there is an article by Janet Albrechtsen."Grassroots rebellion means time is not on Tony Abbott’s side" and in the article these comments...

    "No one in the ministry led yesterday’s push. There was no challenger. It makes the vote against Abbott even deadlier."
    Janet it was a "vote about nothing."
    Janet does not understand it yet, but the media could not find the baddies yesterday! Do we wonder why??

    Well yesterday the spill was scripted by the ABC and so called media spin from Bill(no policy's) Shorten.
    And all other media who attempt to pre-empt Australian politics on a day to day and week by week basis.
    By those journalists who then go into a huddle to work out why it did not eventuate!!

    Why the spill did not work??
    Well the ABC did not hand over the script to those who implemented the spill! promised but never provided!!
    The dis-grunted back benchers who are worried about their job in 2016, and those who were "hit on the knuckles" by Peta Credlin!

    The bottom line with the Coalition is that the budget was scripted badly, and could not be sold.
    Opposed by a senate who refused to pass bills some had originally campaigned with!

    Why would Joe Hockey assume he is entitled to produce another such like budget in 3 months??

    Why would the Coalition not give "the minister of stealth" Malcolm Turnbull the job of Treasurer  to promote a budget suitable to all, to revive the Australian economy, and Australians futures??
    If he succeeds, he stands as a future PM! If he fails "God help Us"! But a least it would give him the opportunity to achieve an outcome related to the size of his ego!!

    What Australia news has evolved into, is the "Theatre of Politics".
    Bill Shorten refuses to show his script, but has a team working in the shadows (Unions) who will set this Country back so far, we will be all doomed!!(think I stole the last 4 words from a HC poster.)

    I await the "Second Act"!! (but do not know the length of the play!)
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