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reality check

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    painful as it may be for shareholders, aed has had it. as for the dreamers who suggest that a major company (woodside/bhpp/exxon etc etc) would be pay good money for a basket case field, dream on. they and the rest of the world had every chance decades ago, and some (bhpp) even held it for some time if i remember correctly. this field has been bad news for all who came into play with it, and aed is now the latest. no company in its right mind would negotiate to buy into aed , why bother. and in any case who would pay more than the market cap?
    i rather fancy that if a deal can be cut at all, it is likely to be something like 90% equity in the operation as a JV operating and controlling partner with aed retaining 10% or thereabouts and with no say in management. as for payment, just enough to keep the baillifs from management doors.
    pessimistic one might say, but pragmatic. the players in the industry are about as compassionate as great whites, so why expect otherwise.
    a few days or months will tell.
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