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reality and pockey money

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    This forum has become quite unbalanced of late. While I agree with the sentiment that TTY as a sole producer of iron ore is more attractive than a holding company of mixed commodity plays; it is disproportionatley unfair to concentrate on small investments that are a side issue.

    For example the investment in MON is now six million dollars when TTY has as of the quarterly cash at bank 19 million plus the sale of WVL holding 26 million which has a profit of nearly 4 million plus two completed share placements of 9.3 million plus additional sales of iron ore.

    Harzarding a guess that TTY probably has 50 million at it's disposal and more coming as production ramps up.

    The management of TTY has not been awfull as some would like to make out. There has been no problems in the ramp up of production to date. It has been done in a cost effective manner where cashflow positive was met within the first quarter of production.

    Lets talk about the real TTY and not one investment which will be of the same value as 5% of current revenues when we are all expecting a 40 to 60% jump in the price received. It is pocket money

    Good on you Rim for being brave enough to say what you have been doing and keep bringing more news everyone.

    cheers Icharus
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