real iraqis are not dancing in the streets

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    Note: What a terrible travesty and lie has and is being visited on the people mostly of this nation with the full complicity of a prostituted-lap dog-boot licking press. On Democracy Now I have seen the quiet--eloquent people (the real ones) of Iraq. A stoic-proud-people most proud of their children attending university. I have seen a clip of a documentary that was not allowed to be aired here. It had teenages from Iraq conversing with teenagers from New York...each group laughing--answering the questions of the other--and like typical teenagers they liked the same things.

    I continue to be amazed at the gullibility of Americans--their shallowness--and infantile understanding of events and world politics. Conditioned and programmed as they are to reality TV....they watch a ridiculous charade of a bunch of thugs pulling down a grotesque statue and that is the victorious--emotion--the front page picture of "liberation". The fact is according to direct phone calls (Democracy Now) the ordinary-law abiding citizens are terrified being subjected to this gangs of thugs and criminals loosed on them. These are the LA riots day in and day out with not the police but the military standing by and watching. Lawlessness reigns with citizen's homes being broken into, children being shot etc. Today on the "news" it was reported from some military spokesman that they (the military) have their priorities and stopping these looters and thugs (my word) is not their job. jm

    Another Iraqi View Of 'Dancing In The Street'

    (IPPN) -- This email is from an Iraqi corresponding with Lorna, who was over there as part of the Mid Hudson Valley Peace Brigade.

    Dear Friends, Peace upon you all. Today is a sad day for all the people of Iraq. Baghdad has been raped.

    The singing and dancing in the streets .... is a terrible movie. I cannot put it in a better way than my husband, as he has said, "the American Army and the Bush administration have used lots of horrible weapons ... but the most lethal weapon of all the savage people, that they have unleashed in the streets of Baghdad, calling them...the people of Iraq!"

    Those people that you see on the streets, are the people of "Althowra city" or as they call it sometimes "Saddam's city." Those people do not in any way resemble the people of Iraq. They resemble the community of criminals in Iraq. As you can see, they are not only dancing , but they are also looting, robbing stores, stealing cars, burning places, and trashing the streets!Those people whom you see dancing were the very same people who used to appear on TV, clapping for Saddam like crazy, when everyone else was against him. They are opportunists who have no principles at all. Always with the winner, ... and they sell very cheap.

    I don't think that it was a coincidence that the American army has decided to enter Baghdad from this city. can believe whatever you want, just don't call a bunch of looters and murderers "thepeople of Iraq."

    The people of Iraq are not on the streets because they are afraid of those maniacs, who were unleashed into the streets, due to the absence of the authority. Since I was in Iraq, last February, the real people of Iraq were very afraid of what these savages were planning to do, when there was no government control, because the same thing has happened after war in 1991. We don't see people on the streets ... we only see a group of men who are trashing the place and act like idiots.

    The movie of "Baghdad Dancing" apparently was successful, because everyone believes it. And no one is asking about what is happening in the rest of Baghdad. A lethal weapon indeed. Now that there is no government, Baghdad is full of chaos.

    The reporters are afraid to move, but they've visited Al-Sinek area ... and there it was a different story.

    The streets looked dark and deserted...No one was dancing.There are places that have been bombed, and traces of bloodstains covered the road. There were families who are mourning the loss of loved ones ...the death of a father and three daughters.

    The reporters drove in different places in Baghdad ... the streets were empty. And there was a demonstration by the foreigners in Iraq, and a lady was saying, "this is all propaganda, many people I know are against any presence of American army in Iraq." Today, the American soldiers shot at an ambulance that was carrying some casualties, killing two and injuring three. In Basra, armed people robbed a bank. Others burned a grain storage ... when the soldiers were just observing and never attempted to stop it.

    They were the reason that there is no government in the first place. So it is their responsibility to keep the community safe ... they did come to "free us and take care of us," after all. The war has not ended in Baghdad, just because Saddam has disappeared ... because it was never about Saddam.It is about Iraq. Iraq is not State No. 51 ... and it never will be. For more than 200 years, and up until this day, People of America have been celebrating their independence from the British ... on the 4th of July.

    I would say it is the biggest day for Americans. Why does anyone expect us to celebrate our invasion? I leave you all in peace. --Yasmin

    "our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear - kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor - with the cry of grave national emergency. always there has been some terrible evil at home or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it." -- general Douglas Macarthur, 1957

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