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    Slippery slide is happening more so recognisable. As an agent it is increasingly satisfying to have the vendors now realise just that the market is sliding down & that they must punt their properties to buyers that are increasingly becoming more evasive.

    Interesting to watch the vendors try to catch a falling knife.

    Great times to be had & potentially more money to be made now that the buyers have had the time to condition themselves to the writing on the wall.

    My area showing definite decreases from 12 months ago on exchanged contracts of 10-15%.

    Absolutely no urgency to buy from a buyers perspective.

    The rotation of money into equities will become more & more pronounced going forward.

    Property at least to stagnate for upto 5-7 yaers before the start of renewed enthusiasm.

    All we need now is no geopolitical shocks to the world forum & those shares that we have all had in the bottom draw may well become some fools treasure.

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