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    View Resources processing deal with Anaconda Nickel
    17:02, Monday, 18 August 2003

    Sydney - Monday - August 18: (RWE) - View Resources Ltd has
    entered a heads of agreement with Anaconda Nickel Ltd for the processing
    of nickel oxide ores derived from View's mining tenements.
    Anaconda will process the ore at its Murrin Murrin treatment
    View will mine, transport and deliver nickel oxide ores to
    Anaconda and will share in the operating profits obtained by Anaconda in
    respect of the sale of the nickel derived from the ores.
    View said it remained on track to start mining in the last
    quarter of 2003.
    Shares in View Resources were up 0.1c to 4.4c while Anaconda
    Nickel was up 0.4c to 7.2c this afternoon.
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