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    HOMEX - Perth

    Millepede International Limited is pleased to announce that its
    revolutionary "soft grip" plastic cable ties have been given a
    significant market boost after passing strict new international tests
    to determine low smoke and zero halogen (gas) emission
    characteristics in the event of fire.

    The company's re-usable Mille-Ties have undergone stringent
    independent assessment with Warrington Fire Research in the United
    Kingdom. Specifically, Millepede Mille-Ties passed two commonly used
    test methods at Warrington Fire Research: BS 6853:1999 (smoke) and
    IEC 754-1 (halogen gas).

    The test positive results are expected to provide the company with
    significant market impetus, especially with in the large telecom and
    data industry.

    Millepede has previously been requested to provide a low smoke, zero
    halogen fastener and the success at Warrington Fire Research is an
    exciting development for the Company. It allows Millepede to meet
    increasing legislative requirements, especially in the European

    The Company's plastic ties conform to the growing demand from
    industry -particularly in the UK and Europe - where cable suppliers
    are being asked to deliver a product that makes less of a
    contribution to the spread of flames in the event of a building fire.

    As legislation increases, particularly throughout Europe, there are
    an increasing number of applications requiring the use of
    halogen-free (or non-PVC materials) with no specific fire performance

    The low smoke factor is considered important in the event of fire
    evacuations, as is zero halogen emission.

    The Company notes that increasingly, public domain areas are
    insisting on low smoke, zero emission products. These included:

    Public Transport;
    Data Processing
    Power stations;
    and Railway Stations.

    V de Villers

    To share plastic nail data with CSIRO


    HOMEX - Perth

    Millepede International Limited is working with CSIRO's Division of
    Building, Construction and Engineering as part of the company's bid
    to develop the world's first mass-marketed plastic nail.

    Millepede International, which controls a unique American
    plastic-hardening technology, has entered into a Memorandum of
    Understanding with CSIRO to exchange know-how over the next three

    Millepede's RF Technology uses radio frequency to toughen plastics
    and will be applied to CSIRO's plastic nail. Millepede intends to
    apply for a Commonwealth Government research and development grant,
    in relation to the development of a plastic nail.

    V de Villiers


    Secures rights to super-strong plastics


    HOMEX - Perth

    Millepede International Limited is pleased to announce that it now
    has a controlling interest in an American joint venture with patent
    rights to a revolutionary technology capable of providing
    super-strength plastics.

    Millepede, plans to apply the technology in the manufacture of a
    range of fasteners including super-tough plastic nails, screws and

    The Company is confident that the joint venture agreement gives the
    company an opportunity to accelerate the development and marketing
    of a unique range of plastic and polymer products.

    Millepede's joint venture partner is American corporation Advanced
    Polymer Technology, Inc which owns the revolutionary
    plastic-hardening RF Technology.

    The RF Technology uses radio frequency to alter molecular structure to
    produce super-strong nylon and plastics. Prototype Mille-Nails have
    already been produced using the technology.

    The Company is positioning itself to capitalise on a huge potential
    world market for its current range of plastic cable ties
    (Mille-Ties) and push forward with a new generation of
    super-strength plastic and nylon products such as Mille-Nails,
    Mille-Screws and Mille-Bolts.

    Signing of the joint venture completes a key objective outlined to
    the Company's shareholders in Millepede's prospectus, dated June
    this year.

    Millepede International Limited currently markets the award-winning
    Mille-Tie, a radical - design flexible plastic tie suitable for a
    range of domestic and industrial applications.

    The Company also owns the rights to a revolutionary American-designed
    Continuous Injection Moulding Technology (CIM) already being used to
    trial-manufacture plastic and polymer strips, including Mille-Ties
    on a roll. It will be further developed to mass-produce Mille-Nails
    for nail gun belts and associated fastener products.

    Locking up access to the exciting RF Technology underpins
    Millepede's International marketing, branding and sub-licensing
    strategy. The Company already has a strong international team in
    place and interest in the products is extremely high.

    The company's re-usable Mille-Tie products are attracting strong
    interest from big international distributors and end-users such as
    the telecommunications industry, which had a need for reversible,
    non-restrictive and re-usable "soft" ties for sensitive cables.

    Millepede International was on track with its worldwide marketing
    campaign for Mille-Ties, which earlier this year have been voted the
    "Most Innovative New Product 2000" award from Fastener & Fixing

    A feature of the Mille-Tie is its flexible "Intelligent-Grip
    Technology" that does not diminish or interfere with current in
    transmission cables, as is the case with more rigid conventional
    ties. In copper cabling most conduction electrons flow on the surface
    of wires, increasingly so at higher bendwidths, and performance
    drops when wires are kinked, crushed or compressed.

    The Company is extremely happy with the response to the Mille-Ties
    but also holds high market expectations for the Mille-Nail and
    associated products due to their versatility, light weight,
    durability and non-corrosive nature, especially in the marine

    Although Millepede now has a 51% interest in the new joint venture
    entity (Nystyl LLC), operations would be based in Virginia. Research
    and development, as well as manufacturing would be based in

    The Company's goal remains to establish a globally recognised brand
    name, "Millepede" for plastic fastening products of excellence
    innovation and quality.

    V de Villers

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