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    Only a matter of time now - and not long to wait.

    By the time Stage 2 is operating early 2004 AVL share price will be much higher.

    Will share price surge in one strong move to 22c - even higher?

    Or will the price move in phases?

    As always timing and movement are unpredictable.

    That price will increase substantially and soon (well within 6 months) is the easy prediction.

    The state of play?

    Once again some party is accumulating a substantial holding and have decided that 15.5c or less is very good buying.

    The 60 cents sellers amount to over 1 million shares.
    Completely out of proportion bizaar in fact!

    So by placing a series of sell at 16 cents the party accumulating can sit back and purchace at 15.5 cents - or less - as the usual dribble of selling takes place - sellers having to take 15.5 cents or not sell.

    The buying party can use this strategy simply because the demand for AVL shares is not great.

    Should a number of traders move in to purchase at 15.5 cents then the party accumulating would no doubt consider loading sells at 16.5 and accumulateat 16 cents.



    However holders of AVL should not be concerned about this intrim situation.

    Such manipulative purchasing is only viable when purchasing competion is low.

    The message is that more "institutionalised" investors are taking a position with the expectation of strong surge in AVL share price soon.

    That is one very strong affirmative.

    If previous H.C. posts are correct in anticipating financing for stage 2 will be announced this month - --such an announcement would result in "dreams" becoming fact and most likely a very strong move in AVL share price.

    No doubt cheered on and encouraged by the very groups now accumulating.

    Our friends after all?

    Not too late to get on board - I believe.


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