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read this! This stocks will be pushed strongly

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    The next oz-stocks to be pushed from german and swiss investors will be the shares of Jumbo Corp. (JUM)

    There are rumours that some guys bought very much jum shares and they picked them up within the last half year very cheap. They now own several millions of this stock. These guys bought the most shares of the last share purchase offer of jum, last month. I am almost sure that there will happen something. I don`t know if Moser or Thaller are behind this rumours but this is possible too.

    There are also rumours that there will be an analysis of a popular traderwebsite in Germany.

    jum now has a marketcap. of only 4,4 Mio. AU$ and that was exactly the gross turnover of the last quarter. They are cash flow positive, however the cash flow is not very high at this time. But in few months or weeks, when they have finished investing in new websites they will earn a lot of money. Ververka the CEO told me that there could be a much higher cash flow if they did not invest in new services. They now invest almost as much money they receive from their customers, but only as much to stay cash flow positive.

    You can find more information on their website, their major website is

    I have been informed that there will be much efforts to push this stock on the german investor boards, especially

    I would be very easy to push this stock to a much higher level because most of the shares now are hold by investors who won`t sell them before they increase.

    I now also hold a few hundredthousend jums and I will not sell them before 0,07 AU$.

    I also hold ASC shares but I sold one third when they were at 0,36 AU$. Then I bougth "them" again at 0,27 AU$, a little bit to early I think...

    Now, I hope that the jum rally will start soon, here in Germany this stock is traded under the australian price because the buyers stopped to buy after the share purchase offer. They got as much shares as they wanted and now wait for the rally.

    Ciao, Adultshop

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