TAW 0.00% 31.0¢ tawana resources nl

read this from bhp

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    I bet Ms Price comments refer to the DAP and Tawana. I believe BHP have to make thier call by 25th April on the DAP.

    "The diamond business forms the largest part of our minerals exploration budget, we're building a successful branding program around Ekati's production and we're in discussions with several parties about stepping into advanced stage exploration projects," Ms Price said.

    With a billion dollar shortfall between supply and demand BHP and any other diamond involved company will want to get their hands on prospective diamond projects like the Daniels. I have no doubt that BHP will be assisting TAW with much bigger sampling programme on the DAP (probably 2m diameter drilling and sample size 20k -50k tonnes). To all the silly people who were talking on HC about the cpht grades yeilded from 500t sample - get your head out of the chook food bucket.
    Remember the Bow river initial sample programme did not find any diamonds in the first drilling pass at all and now look at it. Secondly this sampling programme has surveyed 0.0003% of the total area of the known DAP. And it has found diamonds. Sure the drill targets have been selected to increase the chance of diamond intersections but even so the odds were well stacked to not find any. To find them with such ease at this stage would suggest to me that the DAP is chokka with diamonds.
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