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read this announcement closely

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    By the looks MS had to quickly put this announcement together. However he has told us only POSITIVE news.
    1. We knew the TENDER process was delayed until the end of the year as he has already told us that. At the time we were not part of this process but by the looks we are now. Something extra to look forward to down the track.
    2. Participation in 4 Offshore Blocks. Larger than CVI expected. This is massive news. Something we didn't know but extremely positive and more info could come out any day.
    3. Onshore Kwanza Basin Blocks. CVI WILL gain access to these blocks through its Angolan partners and be actively involved in choosing which ones they want. Looks like a done deal.
    So even though he has not come out and said we have signed, I am more than happy to hear the EXTRAS mentioned and to wait and see what happens in the not to distant future.

    Please DYOR
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