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    Imugene successfully trialed a world first
    protective marker vaccine for PRRS, a
    major pig disease. This success sparked
    commercial interest and consequent
    license negotiations with several
    multinational animal health companies
    which are continuing

    The regulatory process for the Pig and
    Poultry Biological Productivity Enhancers
    began at the beginning of the year. We
    hope to have clearance from the Office of
    the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) in
    Australia early in 2005 to permit largescale
    commercial trials.

    Our lead Adenoviral Delivery Vector
    System based products continue to
    attract the attention of the major global
    animal health companies. License
    arrangements with Merial for three
    vector products have been agreed, with
    other Imugene products currently being
    evaluated by Merial and other companies.

    Imugene has produced a vaccine
    candidate for a major pig respiratory
    disease using a gene provided and
    owned by Merial. The commercial
    vaccine candidate is currently being
    trialed in Europe to determine its
    effectiveness. Trial results to date have
    been very promising. The disease causes
    massive losses to pig producers globally
    and there is currently no commercial
    vaccine available. The market opportunity
    for an effective vaccine is enormous given
    the lack of competitors and Imugene is
    working to develop this product aiming to
    be first to market.
    The opportunity exists to combine this
    vaccine with our PRRS vaccine to create
    a world dominant pig vaccine. The sales
    of the combined vaccine would be
    expected to be greater than the
    combined sales of the individual
    vaccines, as the combined disease
    protection would be an enormous benefit
    to pig producers.

    The Poultry Biological Productivity
    Enhancer, under contract to Merial, will
    continue to progress through the
    regulatory approval phases that
    commenced earlier this year. Imugene
    has retained the sales rights in Australia,
    New Zealand and Japan.
    Manufacturing masterseed material is
    due to commence in Australia and the
    US. These masterseed batches will be
    used to produce all future product for
    world sales. Larger scale trials will begin
    using material grown from these
    masterseeds once OGTR approval is
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