CIY 0.00% 3.6¢ city pacific limited

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    Huntley's small companies update
    fy npat eps %chg dps fr% yld pe
    6/04 30.0 37.0 +77.0 30.0 100 8.6 9.5
    6/05 75.0 85.2 +130.3 60.0 100 17.4 4.1
    All in huntley latest issue. l hope you all read the article
    in the Hearld Sun Monday 3 nov where they said float
    of the DECADED $1 spend in the float in 2001 is now
    worth $35 if the value of opions and bonus opions are included.l bet (stocko)got a sh!t load of them tucked
    away.Happy people are city holders
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Currently unlisted public company.

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