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re: What Greenspan and Bush are up to.

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    Hmmm... "I think it is high time
    to look at the health of our employment base and their long-term spending power as an issue of national defense."

    Employment and 'money-in-the-hand' consumer confidence is the almost unsolvable dilemma for the first world countries ... globalisation exported most of the real jobs to third world countries ...

    Western economies failed to realise the nexus between jobs and customers ... there one and the same.

    Wages go out the back door and walk in the front door as consumers ... no jobs equals no customers.

    The US is learning that once 'critical mass' collapses ... meltdown becomes a real possibility ...

    We have the same problem and in the process have lost our manufacturing capability ... cheapsh*t everything from Asia is great for those with a real job (or two in most households...) but we have to be prepared to look after those without a real job (one a bank manager will loan against...) or pay the cost of civil disobedience ...

    At a deeper level, militant Islam is about social reprisal against the "have's" by the "have-not's" ...

    Drugs/booze/crime amongst the young is pandemic and reflects 'lost hope' by a growing proportion who see the truth at ground level and are sickened by blatant Government inaction ...

    We can ignore these important issues or understand and look for signs by Government who needs to shape social policy that is inclusive of all ... and that means a 'real job' for everyone who wants one.

    This is only my view ... read the red stuff.

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