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    with property, you need to be selective. apartments are in oversupply, however this is mainly reffering to those crappy inner city developments that have clouded the city fringes over the years by crappy builders like meriton.

    there are actually pockets of very good luxury apartments that have been built or are currently being built close to water areas with resort style lifestyle attraction. these are appealing to many people who have massive equity in the homes now and are selling up and chasing new lifestyles via luxury apartments.

    just look at cape cabarita and breakfast point. these are two prime examples of prices still going higher because of very good quality living in areas that can really no longer be found in sydney because there is just no land left. prices in these developments have soared 40% and i think will remain quite stable.

    but i do agree that these crappy meriton apartments and the like are in for a shock. By the way, i was reading this morning that analysts are saying that gold can easily achieve 500 and may even test its all time highs around 850/ounce.....imagine how awesome the cashflow would be for a small company like OXR if this were to happen.

    perhaps JB Were's target of 95 cents may one day prove to be cheap!! It certainly looks like a market that is unwinding the value that has been built up over the last ten years or more through too many excesses. I think it will be a long time before markets can return to positive uptrends.

    Gold on the other hand has not even begun its bull market. anyone who thinks its too late to buy gold now may be in for a rude awakening. they say the party begins at $330/ounce!! where it finishes is anybodys guess but the chart looks just awesome.

    erts got hammered last night........there is a lot of profit that can be taken from a stock like that and these are the times when ppl decide to cash up. maybe more downside to come. who knows. AMR also looking pretty cheap.

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