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    NQ as you well know funkyo is right on the ball , he knows vti better than most , speaking and reading 5 languages gives him a slight edge ,
    I to agree there are more patents to come and imo they should be quite soon

    now nq seeing how vti have basecon and all that comes with it , cheaper bauxsol etc and who knows what other mystical powers
    AND bauxsol and all its derivatives

    just for once and i really mean this
    show hotcopper and the world a post that isnt either a personal attack or sheer bull^%$t

    also show me any company with basicaly only 1 product that is so versatile and flexible
    vti can do everything from uraniam to soil to drinking water and everything in between

    there are other techs out there but they are stand alone or diversified like (cnn ) bwahahah

    what fascinates me is how many income streams vti will eventually have ?????? think that 1 over and then smell da roses

    smack in da chop
    kick in da ????????
    aint that how you like it

    regards gaga
    i continue to acumulate

    ps its obvious from your derogatory post you are trying to buy back into vti , heres hopeing you miss da train toot toot
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