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    Village Roadshow Limited has two classes of permanent issued shares: Ordinary shares and A Class Preference shares. The following table summarises the main features of each type of share.

    Ordinary Shares A Class
    Preference Shares

    Dividends As proposed If a dividend is
    by Directors recommended by
    directors it will be a
    minimum of 0.175c
    per share or 3c
    above the Ordinary
    dividend, whichever is
    higher. Preference
    share dividends have
    priority to Ordinary dividends

    to Ordinary Not applicable In the event of a
    Shares takeover of the
    company where
    Directors recommend
    acceptance and/or
    Village Roadshow
    Corporation Limited
    accepts the offer,
    Preference shares
    convert to Ordinary
    shares at a ratio
    of one for one

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