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    re: trading halt the answer Well Primatron assuming you are correct (your track record is good!)and this deal between Prima and Cancer Therapies goes through, then I would see this as a fairly clear step in the validation process for the CVac technology. It is also my impression that EK is trying to build a vertically integrated manufacturing and logistics solution for CVac so this deal would be a big piece in the jigsaw.

    Prima is seen at this stage as a one product company. Until that product is fully validated (which is all about final report data confirming interim results) and a clear development and commercialization plan is communicated to the market then I do not expect the shareprice to go anywhere fast---but who knows!!. Everything hinges on those final results, as long as they support the interim results then this company has the potential to go places, otherwise...........

    Prima's hands are tied in many ways to Biomira's election rights. It would be interesting to see what the company's shareprice would be like now if it was only now chasing a commercialization partner with the interim results it has at hand. Until Biomira makes an election decision apparently PRR is not in a position to reveal any alternatives it may have. My impression is alternatives exist and they may in fact be better than those provided by a Biomira election. Case in point Peplin's original licensing partner handed back it's rights and Peplin went on to negotiate a much better deal with another partner. Anyway as far as I can see Biomira is going to look after the interests of it's own shareholders whether that is also in the interests of PRR's shareholders remains to be seen.

    Out of interest the last edition of Bioshare's had PRR as one of 5 companies it saw as potentially up for sale!!
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