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re: the run has started however

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    sorry folks been away again. i wish my boss would invest in satelite phones. alot of interest in gbg over the last week. I will buy back in at 42. Against my strategy, i bought some at 50 and trigered a downward spiral so thanks to me and my jinx you will all get to pick this up for a bargain before the ann next week.

    stopped into berth 5 and took a good look around. Berth 7 is regarded by the insiders up there as pie in the sky at this stage and this is reflected in the ports capital cash flow projections.. A large amount of cash will need to be found to solve the water crisis for the slurry and at this stage I cannot see any solution to this. I have seen some mines putting cash into the securing of water and there is a lead time involved.

    Great long term investment and enjoyed the spike. What do you make of the guy buying lots of 50K all week?? Once he disapeared the price fell.

    who is going to the party in Mill st latter this month?? will i get to swap stories with you in person Rock? Just look for the nerdy accountant.
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