re: The cats in the cradle

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    G'day Ridge

    Actually Cat's in the Cradle was written and recorded by Harry Chapin, not Cat Stevens. Maybe you were confusing it with Father and Son or Where Do the Children Play?

    One song Cat Stevens recorded very early in his career and which would never get played now was "I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun" with lyrics like "and all those people who put me down had better get ready to run"; didn't make the Top 40 but was later included on an album of his early material.

    Re the Muslim extremists, my brother commented that Christianity had had its dark age, now it was happening to Islam. Hopefully some of the moderate majority are prepared to provide intelligence about the activities of the radical minority, to be in a position to do this they would have to maintain a public silence; might be just wishful thinking but here's hoping...

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