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    Alpha, you are rightly entitled to your opinion. This company has secured "product rights, technology transfer, manufacturing rights and access to a product pipeline" (extracted from its homepage) and lists a number of Products as:

    Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (SciTropin)
    Recombinant Interferons (SciFeron)
    Recombinant Human Insulin (SciLin)


    - Hepatitis B vaccine (Sci-B-Vac)
    - DAPT vaccine (SciDaPT)
    - DAPT/Hep B vaccine (SciDaPT/Hep B)

    Today it announced the official lanch of the Hep B vaccine in Hong Kong. MMMmmmmm wonder where else in the world such a vaccine could be used? Musings aside, with nearly 9M shares traded and price up from 0.088 to close at 0.092 I don't see that 0.094 will pose any problems. My humble opinion only. Cheers

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