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    This company is generating much feeling as evidenced in many of the posts on this room. Posters seem to either love or hate this company. What seems to underpin the passion expressed in many of the posts is the stream of niggling rumours..........of impending take overs, article in the WA papers, denials by the company etc. but the whispers and passion continue. Why........could it be tha there is something going on?

    But what about the stock itself, appears to be sold down and price has fallen over last week or two. Why, could it be that the company is that bad???? Then why is it in such a 'negative' climate created by some of the posts in this room are there buyers for this stock. Sure traders are selling but why do people keep buying in? One things for sure in my opinion, rumour or not something seems to be going on.......and i wonder if we are seeing bargain basement prices at the moment......time of course will tell.

    But what of the company? Financials 2002/03 recently released showing 400+% increase in revenue; market cap around $12M and they do have products on the market (safety syringes and other devices). At least they are making money and have products in the market place.

    I for one do not listen to rumours and yes I hold EMS shares and my decision to buy in was based on revenue streams, market penetration and products etc. A lot more going for them than a number of other highly traded stocks in recent months.

    I have no doubt this will generate a fair bit of discussion............ but negative or positive I am holding for the medium term.
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