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    The weakness in energy markets is threatening to derail LNG’s emergence as the preeminent energy source in Asia,” Daniel Hynes and Natalie Rampono, commodity strategists at the bank, wrote in the note. “Increased competition from cheaper oil and coal, and weak overall industrial demand has come at a time when a surge of supply is hitting the market.”

    This is excerpt  from  Crude Energy (invest.crude.com) Beware of scams:
    "there're scames and fraudulent  deals around every corner  among the more notorius scames are less about striking oil in order to lure investors in to provide  additional  fund to cover the costs of development"

    Heraldsun 13/2 from Card Capolingva. Rewarding leap from hobby investing to trading plan:
    In some case investors  believe  they're doing great job with their investments  because  those investments  appear to be rising over the long run and perhaps  paying a steady dividend. The important  thing to note here is that in the markets, sussess is relative. The goal is not just to make  money, but to beat the markets.

    We're facing deflationaries, market demands and competitiveness.

    As consumers  are very happy about falling prices  from all sort of goods to soft-hard commodities and now Oil and Food as well. But businesses are facing very tough times  to fight for their survival. Remember  as people  get richer the country  becomes  richer.
    Lng business  is down due to sluggish market demands from Asia. Apart from the pressures  from the king of crude "Saudi" the cost of development  of shale gas that make Icn looks terrible.
    Icn has no dividend, little capex plan and no supports from the riches (investors).
    The positive  side is that Icn has an incentive  scheme  backed from Australia  government  and Icn has a master mind from its CEO as well as Bpt and Cvx. Those masters will unveil the Legalcy in this Ntng play at all costs.

    It's the same strategy  for fund managers that is To Beat the markets. It is a long term view and is an ambition  for an investor to set a goal.
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