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Re-rating coming?

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    Veritas Capital are a Private Equity firm, they raised the funds for the  purchase of SolAero on behalf of Realterm Global it would seem, they are connected in some way with Realterm Global?

    Find. Fund. Foster. People. Assets. Performance.
    Realterm Global, a vertically integrated industrial real estate investment management company, is the parent of Aeroterm, Realterm NAT, IndoSpace and Realterm Energy.
    Realterm Global seeks to introduce our company, people, and experiences to those who share our vision of value creation through industrial real estate investing.

    You can also now add to the above SolAero, it's new Solar Division

    DEFINITION of 'Vertical Integration' When a company expands its business into areas that are at different points on the same production path, such as when a manufacturer owns its supplier and/or distributor.
    This was said on the Emcore site about Veritas Capital who purchased the Space Division from Emcore.

    Veritas Capital is a leading private equity firm that invests in companies that provide critical products and services to government and commercial customers worldwide including those operating in aerospace & defense, healthcare, technology, national security, communications, energy and education.

    Veritas seeks to create value by strategically transforming the companies in which it invests through organic and inorganic means.

    For more information on Veritas Capital and its current and past investments, visit
    (link doesn’t work for me?)

    DEFINITION of Organic growth
    Organic growth is growth that comes from a company's existing businesses, as opposed to growth that comes from buying new businesses. It may be negative. Organic growth figures are adjusted for the effects of acquisitions and disposals of businesses.

    DEFINITION of 'Inorganic Growth'
    A growth in the operations of a business that arises from mergers or takeovers, rather than an increase in the companies own business activity.
    Firms that choose to grow inorganically can gain access to new markets and fresh ideas that become available through successful mergers and acquisitions.

    Lets look back a bit -:

    Silex Operational Update August 2014

    Solar Systems is well positioned to participate in the emerging Concentrated Photovoltaic market, as it establishes itself as a key source of renewable energy in regions such as the Middle East and the US.
    In the case of Translucent, the semiconductor industry’s focus on new materials particularly in the power electronics and photovoltaics sectors has created an exciting path forward as it prepares its products for market

    Solar Systems
    Solar Systems’ business development activities are primarily focused on securing a strategic partnership or equity transaction during FY 2015 with the aim of achieving a value-creating outcome and minimising further parent
    company investment.
    Several positive leads with interested third parties are currently being pursued and we have engaged a corporate adviser to assist with the process.

    Translucent is now on an accelerated path to commercialisation.
    With industries currently forced to use high-cost non-silicon substrates such as germanium, sapphire and silicon carbide for high-end semiconductor devices,
    Translucent’s technology could transform manufacturing: enabling the power electronics and photovoltaics industries to instead use high performing low-cost silicon-wafer based substrates.
    Discussions with several third parties are underway as Silex accelerates efforts towards achieving a value-creating
    transaction with an industry/strategic partner.
    We remain committed to the aim of minimising the need for further
    parent investment following the end of the first half of FY 2015

    Now look at the link below, what it does and what are it's goals! and remember the stuff I posted the other day about the personnel from ASU and where they went keeping in mind that Translucent hold several rights to patents licensed from the ASU, we now have one or two of those people from ASU at Translucent, there are also several that now work at SolAero who were formally employed by Emcore, one of the companies in the consortium that were helping to build these new solar cells using Translucent substrate.

    Sorry for yelling but I am excited.

    Just who does anybody here think would have the manufacturing ability and familiarity of using these substrates to make these new solar cells or even the ability to use similar technology (substrates) to make a new type of LED or a Power Transistor?

    The answer of course is SolAero, now who else would buy the products that SolAero produce, the Space Industry would have to be one, but so would Solar Systems, but one of their own divisions would also be looking at buying some of the products that SolAero will produce, namely Realterm energy, their LED lighting division.
    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column 7 Column 8 Column 9
    Column 1
    36 123Realterm NAT 115 135IndoSpace 8 Development

    First of all lets look what Solaero got for their $150 million they paid Emcore.

    They got the manufacturing premises and all of the staff, these same people will make the new Solar cells for the space based business, that was good for them and possibly good for Translucent, if they get to supply the virtual substrates for these cells (of course they will), but more than that, much more than that  SolAero also now have a specialised and proven manufacturing plant that can also use the other substrates that Translucent have for the Power and Led Industry (Remember Realterm Global have a LED lighting division vertical integration comes to mind).

    Now lets look at what are into

    Solaero is Realterm Global’s solar development platform, specializing in the investment and management of solar electricity infrastructure projects (This area was once the responsibility of Realterm Energy who also do LED lighting)

    Solaero focuses on delivering cost beneficial clean energy to its clients.
    With a focus on innovation, Solaero is dedicated to finding superior solar energy solutions for municipalities, utilities, commercial, institutional, educational and other electricity users.
    Solaero is a vertically integrated solar provider with in-house:
    • project procurement
    • development
    • financing
    • construction management
    • solar facility management
    • legal
    • accounting
    • regulatory affairs
    Our dedicated, in-house team is focused entirely on the operating performance of our solar projects. Our team provides timely and accurate reporting to our solar clients including project performance and confirmation of electricity production totals. In addition, we work with local solar monitoring professionals, construction firms, and utilities to ensure the project is functioning properly and is receiving routine preventative maintenance.
    Solaero’s accounting group has international knowledge and experience adhering to strict operating controls ensuring clarity and responsiveness during the life of the solar project.
    Among the numerous benefits that come with solar energy, Solaero specifically affords our clients:
    • A simplistic approach to purchasing solar electricity
    • No capital costs or up front expense
    Solar energy competitively priced with conventionally produced electricity locked in long-term kWh rates insulating themselves from volatile and continuously rising electricity costs
    • Dependable technology with insured performance standards backed by proven manufacturers
    • Ability to market environmentally friendly energy utilization
    • The potential of becoming one of the first adapter of green electricity in their region
    • Ability to secure state, regional and federal incentives

    Now lets look at the current average size of the solar installations and their projected size of the installation going forward three years, remember this is the average size of the installation, not the number of installations each year.
    Average Project Size 1-10 megawatts

    3-Year Megawatt Target 100 megawatts
    You will notice that they showed flat panels in their photo on the SolAero site, I very much doubt that they will use flat panels for a 100 MW installation? or a number of them for that matter? I reckon they will be using CPV, yes here comes the partnership I believe? between SolAero and Solar Systems
    Notice how they intend to ramp up to 100Mw installations?
    Your LED Streetlight Solution - Financing, Lighting System Audits, Installation and Project Management
    No upfront capital is needed to upgrade to energy-efficient LED streetlights. We can help you save 50-70% in streetlight energy costs and up to 80% maintenance costs immediately.

    RealTerm Energy makes it easy for municipalities to take advantage of the cost savings and energy efficiency available in an upgrade to LED streetlights. This turn-key solution includes lighting design and energy-efficiency calculations tailored to meet your municipality’s needs. Already this year, more than 80 Ontario municipalities are upgrading with RealTerm Energy.
    The economic and energy savings benefits of LED streetlights are so compelling, many municipalities are simply deciding whom to trust with their upgrade.
    The value in choosing RealTerm Energy is that we provide expert in-depth analysis in our turn-key service, and we will do it right.
    Guess who has a cheaper means of making LED’s using virtual substrates?

    And then there is this
    The above link no longer works?
    It says this NOTICE: This domain name expired on 31/01/2015 and is pending renewal or deletion.
    Guillaume Bouchard - Project Manager
    Guillaume is responsible for the planning and management of RealTerm Energy LED streetlight upgrades across Quebec. He also manages projects with our Realterm Renewables solar branch. He brings experience in overseeing development of solar energy projects with more than 20 communities while he was in charge of Visio Energy operations.
    He is a Master of Public Management (MPM) graduate from Sherbrooke University

    I don’t know but I think they may be changing the structure of this Realterm energy division, I think they may be splitting off the solar part somehow, I think realterm energy will now only look after LED street lighting and perhaps LED lighting in general, because I believe it is about to get much bigger somehow?

    RealTerm have an established history of developing high profile and incredibly complex projects around the globe. Our solid experience with the feed-in tariff programs, the procurement process and contract management gives RealTerm Renewables a competitive advantage. We oversee the entire project process, from concept to project delivery to managing the project’s lifetime maintenance.
    Design and Interconnection
    Our team constantly evaluates ways to implement cost saving strategies and this begins with project design including efficient project placement on each site.
    We design all projects with two priorities in mind:
    1) Minimizing project costs without sacrificing project quality and efficiency;
    2) Maximizing the output of each project through multiple measures.
    We work with some of the greatest professional engineering firms in system engineering and most experienced in project implementation.
    Solar facility management
    Our facility management team is a tremendous asset to RealTerm and its partners.
    The day-to-day control over facility level issues ensures projects are maintained at the highest standard.
    The on-the-ground team is tasked with developing strong client relationships, creating a high level of client satisfaction, allowing us to benefit from the repeat business of these highly valued relationships.

    I think this section above is being reorganised to purely a solar division somehow?
    My take on this is that they may partner with both Translucent (for substrate delivery and also Solar Systems for their dish technology and solar cell module manufacturing (Abbottsford)

    But either way we are heading for some decent money in my opinion and just one more thing, take a look at this as well-:
    Realterm IndoSpace

    This section could end up as another partner in providing Solar to India somehow?
    They have many synergies with the requirements of setting up solar in India, i.e. shipping , warehousing, real estate, etc.

    I know this has been long winded and I hope you can follow what I have tried to say, I am not telling anyone here to buy, because I am not an investment advisor, but I did buy some more myself the other day, there is little use doing research, if I don’t believe in what I have found, I reckon Silex is in for a re rating and soon.
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