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    have just spent a lengthy session with three individuals who possess the highest level of Gawler Craton geology that I know.

    Comments:- effectively all negative which surprised me,

    -not enough mention of transition mineralogy (chalcocite) to generate high probability of 1.5% copper over the indicated mineralised zones downhole,
    -obtaining pictures of the type presented are not unique as might be implied. The bornite does appear in flashes leaving you with under 1% over 20m plus intervals. Look good but do not necessarily hang together.
    -needs to be more 'brecciated'. Stronger chalcocite/chalcopyrite presence than those disclosed in the photos.

    The comments surprised me, but I am not about to question the qualifications of these gentlemen. The results may still be tremendous, but the odds have just shifted against IMO.

    Do these guys get it wrong-you betcha-thats why they are still working!

    But moi just moved back to being a mild observer.

    Good luck to all, especially you guys!(My broker has been given a sort of lifeline!LOL)

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