PWR 0.00% 1.7¢ powerlan limited


  1. rem
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    PWR directors should hold their head in shame for the demise of the stock price. I still hold this stock from much higher prices but today iIhave resigned myself to the fact that this stock is not going anywhere in the short term. I am just wondering wether other investors in PWR have had a cahnce to speak to the directors and ask them why as every time I leave a message I never get a reply. Terribly dissapointed.

    You would also think that the ASX would have queried such a fall in price. they did with SNX.

    Thirdly I would appreciate thoughtful insight into the other members opionions on this stock long term No crap please.

    When is the next PWR meeting so as I can give them my piece of mind. Anybody know?

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