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    HOMEX - Sydney

    Australian biotechnology company, Peptech Limited announced today
    that outstanding pre-clinical study results have been achieved for
    a Domain Antibody for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

    The human anti-Tumour Necrosis Factor-a Domain Antibody (anti-TNF-a
    dAb) is being co-developed with the leading Domain Antibody drug
    discovery company, Domantis Limited.

    In an industry standard model for testing anti-TNF therapeutics,
    administration of the dAb completely prevented the onset of
    rheumatoid arthritis.

    Domantis Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder Ian Tomlinson said
    the success of the study clearly demonstrated that anti-TNF dAbs
    could be used to prevent an inflammatory disorder in a validated in
    vivo model.

    "Domantis has established pre-clinical effectiveness just 14 months
    since we commenced dAb selection against TNF," he said. "These
    results and our rate of progress validate the therapeutic potential
    of human dAbs and underline the effectiveness of our organisation. We
    expect a number of additional dAbs to enter pre-clinical studies this
    year, either as part of collaborative initiatives or our independent
    drug discovery programs."

    Peptech's Managing Director Stephen Kwik said the impressive results
    endorsed the potential of human dAbs as the next generation of
    therapeutics against TNF, the first of Peptech's nominated targets.

    "Human dAbs represent a novel approach to targeting TNF, which is
    implicated in a number of serious, chronic disorders such as
    rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and Crohn's disease," he said.
    "Once again our commitment to and investment in Domantis is rewarded
    by outstanding progress with results that significantly advance our
    work towards the clinic."


    PEPTECH LIMITED focuses on the research and development of peptides
    and proteins in the areas of human pharmaceuticals and animal health.
    It has a 36 percent interest in Domantis Limited.

    DOMANTIS LIMITED is a drug discovery and development company that
    specialises in the smallest antibody fragments called Domain

    DOMAIN ANTIBODIES (dAbs) are less than one tenth the size of
    conventional antibodies and combine the best attributes of small
    molecule drugs (formulation and delivery versatility, broad target
    range, low cost of production) with those of full antibodies
    (enormous diversity, high specificity, lower toxicity). Today, over a
    quarter of all products in pharmaceutical development are therapeutic
    antibodies and more than 50 percent of these are humanised or fully
    human. There are 11 therapeutic antibodies on the market and
    worldwide product sales are anticipated to reach US$ 1 0 billion
    by 20 0.

    Further information: Stephen Kwik Dr Paul Schober
    Peptech Limited Peptech Limited
    Ph: (02) 9870 8788 Ph: (02) 9870 8788

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