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    Interesting news article (Anglo sets sights on Hope Downs mine) which has strengthen my belief on a further growing economy in Australia. China's demand is also underwriting a massive expansion in Pilbara iron ore development, hence the gaining interest in Pilbara with Anglo.

    The resources market is running strong, with the China syndrome driving this area strongly, the Chinese demand is impacting on the prices of copper, nickel, zinc, etc, etc..

    Chinese growth means there is a need for massive resources, iron ore being one of their biggest demands. Major mineral discoveries are already taking place in Mongolia to supply - you guessed it China! Australia in many ways is a treasure trove of Asia and we continue in that role while Asia continues to grow at such a rapid rate.

    This presents an excellent opportunity for Brandrill (BDL) with Anglo as it has already placed itself in Pilbara wining Roche Mining contract expanding the company's Pilbara operations. Anglo is a major client of BDL, pending the out come of Hope Downs it would almost suggest further contracts for Brandrill and explains the need for Brandrill's placement, which clearly states "ongoing activities including the commencement of new projects."

    However, still speculation at this point, nevertheless, the potential is there! and certainly not far from reach with Brandrill.
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