re: Paul Keating at his classic best

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    1. 4wd,s do have a purpose and farmers and some trades people do need heavy duty vehicles like these however the "toorak tractor" owners should be removed from our roads! Towing caravans is no excuse for owning a 4wd because "Towing caravans" is a stupid and dangerous thing to do anyway - hire an onsite or take a tent in a 6x4!!
    Perhaps owners should have to prove their need to avoid higher rego fees!
    2. Keating was one of the worst and is now just another parasite living off the taxpayers back! Other than putting $20mil plus of our funds into his pigeries to save them from bankruptcy (would he have done this for anybody elses business?) he was responsible for the most stupid statement ever made in the "we don`t have to pay off this debt we only have to service it" comment! Now is the "Great Australian Dream" to pay interest only on your home loan forever or actually own it one day? He also sold the commonwealth bank and quantas and then critises the libs for selling tls?
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