re: oil prices going up again ?

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    I have a strong feeling that oil prices will go up a fair bit very very soon.

    I base my theory on

    1. war with iraq is starting to get messy and prolonged not as easy as they thought with casulaties mounting on both sides and market doesnt like uncertainty as to how long this war is going to last

    2. in desperation iraq soldiers might set alight remining oil wells in north of bagdad already they got them all wired and ready to explode at a minutes notice and this will result in further shortage of oil not to mention the ecological disaster

    3. Nigeria has cut production by 40% as a result of internal guerilla warfare

    therefore all of these facts point to a higher oil prices very soon and good for oil producers as well
    of course this is my theory only do your own research but any useful comments appreciated.

    JOHN ^_^
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