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    John Howard, Paul Batchelor, a uni student and a nun are travelling on a light plane one day when the engines splutter and die.

    As the plane begins to accelerate downwards the pilot comes rushing back and says "People, there are three parachutes left aside from the one I'm wearing - sort it out for yourself!" then throuws the door open and jumps out.

    "Give me one of those parachutes" says Johnny, "I'm the Prime Minister, the country needs me to survive!" And so saying grabs one of the packs and jumps out the door.

    Paul Batchelor has also jumped up. "Give me a pack, I'm the head of one of Australia's biggest companies AMP!! - millions of people's wealth here and overseas depends on me". He grabs a pack and jumps.

    The num turns to the uni student and says, "Son, I have had a good life and your life is all ahead of you. You take the pack and be swift".

    But the uni student says "Not a problem ma'am. There's parachutes for both of us. That stupid pr!ck from the insurance company just grabbed my rucksack."
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